Club Rules

In order to make the art of Angling even more difficult and to try to emulate my heroes of yesterday I will observe the following rules:

1. No boilies or pellets. Fish do not need steroids.
2. No artificial corn, maggots etc. Real bait must be used at all times.
3. Any equipment that is called killer, TNT or super long roach obliterator must not be used
4. No fishing on carp puddles. Fishing for carp on barren lakes is allowed
5. No use of alarms - cheap plastic or home made bobbins only
6. All fish must be treaten with respect
7. No hiding in doors from the cold, heat or threat of rampaging otters
8. No bivvies, however a 10 year old leaky umbrella is acceptable
9. The centrepin is your friend. It must be used in practically all circumstances, even when this is dangerous
10. Remained chilled at all times, even when your reel becomes a birds nest for 3rd time in an hour