Tuesday, 8 March 2011

When winter become spring

After last weeks giant pike shennagins we decided to return to the local farmers ponds to see if we could prise the predator from his hiding place. But where as last weeks journey had seen a dark and windy February day, today we were greeted by warm sunshine. The bright sunshine seemed to affect the big perch who were consipicous by their absence but in turn the local carp seemed to wake from their winter slumber.

The morning was very quiet with no real bites on the float and our live baits remained untouched as the local pike slumbered. As the hours passed it became clear that a blank was on the cards so we packed up and moved over to the other pond. This pond is more heavily stocked with a good head of Bream in the 1-3lb range and resident Tench, Carp, Rudd and Perch. The lack of Pike mean that the fish are more numerous but maybe do not quite grow to the same proportions as on the first pond.

After packing up our Pike gear we float fished maggot, hoping to catch a few Bream and Roach. But as the sun heated the water and the odd bream found the net the water began to stir as larger fish entered the swim. Dave was first into a good fish, but just as it began to move up from the bottom it slipped the hook, leaving us with a fleeting glimpse of a very good tench. A few minutes later and my float slid slowly to the slowly to the left, almost crucian like in its' delicate nature. However my strike was met with a ploughing run as 3lb line stripped off my centrepin. At this point I realised I was seriously undergunned with my Roach rod not really the best tool to stop a rampaging carp. 

But the knowledge I have gained from watching fellow anglers play fish over the past 18 months made the difference. After a few hairy moments and some expert net work from Dave a small bullish carp of 7lb 8 was  soon returned to the water. This pattern of events repeated themselves over the course of the day with a steady succession of Bream and Carp (sadly no tench) finding the net,  Dave landed the days best fish, a carp at 9lb.

After the day started in started in such unpromising conditions, the spring sun ended up being the difference between a blank day and a good day.

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