Who is Tangled Reel?

"Tangled Reel is a distinctly amateur carp angler who would not know a good spod if it hit him in the head"

Chris 'Zig Big Wig Rig' Stevens

"His idea of a specimen perch is a fish that breaks the 4oz barrier"

Paul 'the predator of predators' Zanderson

"Tangled Reel sank my bait boat"

Pellet Peter Peterson 

"This young man should read my book as a matter of some urgency, he may learn a thing or two"

The ghost of Izaak Walton 

"Tngld Rl is th wrst fshng wrtr eva

Unamed local youth

"I once saw a gudgeon pull him into a lake"

Chris Yates (Fishing legend)